Is the $AMC party over?

amc theatres

We have seen this AMC Theatres seesaw before. Something feels different this time. I don’t know what it is but I don’t like the fact that’s breached $30 and technically in the $20s now. Is the run over? I hope not. What concerns me is something felt off after the earnings report. I don’t know […]

State of the Order

Where has the Oracle of Ohio been? He’s been day trading, playing with yield farming and crypto but also bought his first piece of NFT artwork!

The Internet/WallStreetBets vs Power/Powerful

We live in an interesting time. The following article is not a statement on politics. It’s more of a reflection of where things are today in technology, media, power and influence. For the first time, we are seeing the Internet organize in a new way to change the status quo. No matter what opinion you […]

Fat Tuesday – Part One, Two, Three and Four!

Today was a special day. Special because it’s day 5 of consistently being up in day trades but more importantly, we had a monster swing trading day! Lets recap swing trades first! ZOOM – Profit $4825. TESLA – Profit $4671.40! and last but not least, Apple – Profit $3802.64! Now to the day trades! I […]

Don’t tread on TREX

In this video, I review the company TREX just prior to their earning beat. I’ve liked this company for a long time and was so confident that I put the video out before earnings. Sometimes it feels good to be right! If you are considering a backyard deck then you probably know what TREX is. […]

July 30, 2020 – Earnings Beats

FACEBOOK Revenue: $18.69 billionvs. $17.31 billion expected and $16.89 billion Y/Y Earnings per share: $1.80 vs. $1.39 expected and 91 cents Y/Y Monthly active users (MAUs): 2.7 billion vs. 2.63 billion expected and 2.41 billion Y/Y Daily active users (DAUs): 1.79 billionvs. 1.74 billion expected and 1.59 billion Y/Y QUALCOMM EPS: 86 cents (non-GAAP), vs 71 cents estimated. Revenue: $4.89 billion […]

July 30th, 2020 – Earnings Watchlist

Hello Order. Keep an eye on $QCOM $PYPL $PYPL $MA $PG $KHC $UPS $CMCSA premarket. Qualcomm and Paypal have already posted today and are up after-hours. Depending on what the others do I think my play will be Qualcomm. They’re up $10.80 at the time of this post with between 5-10 million volume. I’m really […]