Best Smelling Cologne of All Time

best smelling cologne

Many have tried and many have failed. What is the best smelling cologne of all time? Is it $50? $100? $300? Is it so good that women have sprayed it on their purse just to keep the fragrance with them at all times? Yes…this particular cologne is just that special. What do think it is? […]

Jackery Explorer 500 & SolarSaga 100 review in Ohio winter

jackery explorer 500 solarsaga 100

We are hearing things like China is taking over the USA! Watch out because rolling black outs and cyber-attacks are part of our future! After watching an ex-CIA Agent talk on Joe Rogan about the fact that the Texas Blackouts are just the tip of the iceberg, we thought it might be good to start […]

My scooter: Outstorm Maxx

outstorm maxx

Today I review my new electric scooter, the Outstorm Maxx! I love this scooter so much and the reason I got it is because I’m 6″3 / 300+ lbs. It’s hard to find an electric scooter that can move a man the size of NFL linemen or WWE superstars. Check it out!