Is the $AMC party over?

amc theatres

We have seen this AMC Theatres seesaw before. Something feels different this time. I don’t know what it is but I don’t like the fact that’s breached $30 and technically in the $20s now. Is the run over? I hope not. What concerns me is something felt off after the earnings report. I don’t know […]

Fat Tuesday – Part One, Two, Three and Four!

Today was a special day. Special because it’s day 5 of consistently being up in day trades but more importantly, we had a monster swing trading day! Lets recap swing trades first! ZOOM – Profit $4825. TESLA – Profit $4671.40! and last but not least, Apple – Profit $3802.64! Now to the day trades! I […]

How to lose thousands in a scalp stock trade – Avoid these simple mistakes!

This is my first video and episode #1 of my stock market basics playlist. I’ve always been a value investor, swing trader, and sometimes a day trader. I decided to experiment with a new technique that is called “scalp trading” or “scalping” Basically the idea was to get in and out on a stock trade, […]

Sold 1000 shares of Cloudera

cloudera stock

Sold a thousand shares of Cloudera on a swing trade today for $570. I still really love this stock long term but almost feel it’s ahead of it’s time. The technology is so massive and complicated that only a niche of the development community is familiar with it. It’s based on Apache Hadoop but commercialized.