Does the Democratic Party control the Media in the USA?

I don’t care to discuss my political affiliation. Not because I fear being attacked and ignored by half the people before they even read this article but because I don’t align with either party. I think it’s ridiculous and hive mind to even accept that as a way to live or think. The honest truth is there are things that I agree with Democrats and there are things I agree with Republicans. So again, I align with neither party.

I’ve heard some friends of mine call anyone that’s republican a racist. I find that so disgusting and repulsive but that’s where we are today. For the first time in my life, to even say that you are republican is downright terrifying. You could lose your job, your business, friends or even family members. How did we get to this point? When I was younger, we used to think of the Republican as the annoying (but smart) geek that wore bow ties and was good with money. Now they’re a racist? The same Republican party that abolished slavery with President Abraham Lincoln? We should be ashamed that we are allowing a “voice” to divide us to this level. However, I can’t ignore the fact that liberal or more specifically the Democratic Party are just destroying their counterpart. When Donald Trump attacked the media as part of his campaign strategy, I thought it was brilliant. I also thought he should have ended that the day who took office but instead he doubled down. That was the catalyst to division in our country. Trump divided us and painted his biggest target on the media. You CANNOT beat the media in the United States. Further, you cannot beat that media, social media and celebrity. They control thought in this country, and they decided to fire back at Trump. I have to respect them for it because Trump picked the fight. Not only did they double down too but they used it to evolve their brand in favor of ratings. Republicans are not “cool” at the moment. What celebrity in their right mind would say they are Republican? Sure you can give me that shit about Breitbart, The Blaze, Newsmax…etc but they don’t hold a candle to the military units of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Buzzfeed, New York Times, NPR, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube pumping their support 24/7. When you throw celebrities into the mix you literally have a battle you cannot win.

I’ve spoken about this before, but my biggest fear is an imbalance in our democracy and right now we have it. Most people don’t realize how much “the cloud” runs the Internet. As we go forward, web hosting will continue to consolidate and be controlled by Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Will they make choices on who gets to use their product? If they also carry out the will of the Democratic Party will conversative web and mobile apps get black balled by their services? Is it already happening?

What we need is balance and tolerance. Republicans need to be able to come out from the shadows, declare who they support and not lose their small business in the process. We need open friendly debate like we once had. We need to laugh and celebrate our differences instead of trying to force everyone in the same box.

The Republican Party also needs to rebrand itself. Instead of being viewed as “old whites”, it needs represent african americans, hispanics, asians that also agree with them. You’d never know this because some minorities fear showing their support for Republicans will ostracize them? Are you kidding me? If this is where we are now? Where the hell are we going? It has to stop but maybe there is an evil force behind it all that doesn’t want it to stop. Maybe fanning these flames and growing this division is exactly the playbook? That’s another story for another day.

Whatever the case may be, someone like Candace Owens is better for Primetime than smug Jesse Watters. Jesse is fine but his face and smirk just doesn’t breed likability. Candace Owens is a person of color, young, brilliant, and represents an audience many simpletons don’t even think exist in the republican party. People should fear debating that women because she’ll shred you. However, these are the same people terrified to even state their opinion for fear of saying something offensive. The rules are being written so quickly you don’t even know if you’re offensive of out of touch. That doesn’t sound like who America should be, that sounds like the Thought Police and Communism. We should embrace our differences, forgive each, teach each other and grow. If you’re heart is in the right place who cares if you say the wrong words?

So what do I think needs done? First off, I think it’s entirely healthy and exciting for Elon Musk to purchase Twitter. At the time of this writing, he has presented a formal offer and Twitter’s future is TBD. Elon is brilliant and everything he touches turns to gold. If you’re a shareholder of Twitter for the past few years you haven’t seen anything happen for that company in terms of growth or an increase in the share price. If there is anyone on planet Earth that can raise Twitter’s share price or relevance, it’s Elon Musk. When I saw Twitter censor the news story going viral about Hunter Biden right in the midst of the election season, I saw corruption happen right before my eyes. I love Twitter and I love Jack Dorsey. I think he’s absolutely brilliant but political elections are dirty. This crossed the line as bad as anything that was in Trump’s media playbook. They allowed endless damage to Trump but made the Hunter Biden story vanish into thin air. That was clear bias and very sad to see happen live. Twitter, Facebook and any other social media platforms of influence cannot pick and choose. Free speech is critical to our country, even presumed free speech. It’s also a cornerstone of the founding of this country. If these platforms cannot fairly manage this, then an independent organization made up of people with conservative and liberal views need to.

Next, the GOP needs to do something about Hollywood. I know there are conversative in Hollywood but they’re terrified of showing it. That needs to stop and GOP needs to do more building it’s relationship with Hollywood. Evolve with the times and realize influencers run the show now. Influence is our culture and you need to connect with the people that control it. That’s social media influencers, celebrities and athletes.

TLDR: The liberal’s control 99% of the influential media in the United States. They also control social media, celebrities, athletes and most influential brands. We’re at a fork in the road in terms of balance. Social Media is too powerful to be controlled by one party of view. This extends to the powerful cloud platforms that will house 100% of the data from web and mobile applications. Your political cannot be viewed as enemy. Free speech needs to survive and balance needs to be restored. I blame the GOP for this. Don’t hate the player, hate the game, right? Can you fault liberals for dominating in these areas? Absolutely not! But it’s very dangerous and scary for our future as a country. You cannot lose your business for saying you’re a republican.

-Your fellow Democrat the Oracle of Ohio!

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